Foaming Bath Dust is a cross between a bath bomb and bubble bath. Simply sprinkle some of the dust in running bath water and watch it fizz, foam, change the water colour, and fill your senses with its fragrance!

Midgard's Peace is an earthy combination to help ground the mind and spirit.

Citrus Burst will revitalize as is delivers its blend of lemon, lime, and orange.

Forbidden Fruit pays homage to the classical 'forbidden fruits' with its apple and pomegrante blend.

Cherry Bomb is a favourite for all ages with its bright pink colour and rich cherry scent.

Valkyrie's Promise lives up to the name by promising to take you to your own personal Valhalla or Folkvang. Scented with an smooth blend of citrus, tropical fruit, and deep sandalwood, paradise is just one bathtub away!

Tropical Forest will whisk you away to a world of fruit trees and fresh water mist.

Inland Sea washes over the senses with its aroma reminiscent of private beaches.

Woodland Goddess entices the mind and body with its fresh yet grounding appeal.

Sweet Dreams promises to lull you into a relaxed mindset for a restful sleep.


***NOTE: all colourants are bath bomb colourants, formulated by the manufacturer for the use in bath products. These colourants will not stain when used properly.  Not recommended for children under 6 years of age as the perineal area of small children can be very sensitive to the ingredients; please use with discretion.

Foaming Bath Dust
$ 7.00